Pictures from AmiGBG 2003 in Gothenburg

These are my pictures from the AmiGBG 2003 Show in Gothenburg, Sweden.

My wife, Jette, and I had decided to take the opportunity to spend a weekend in Gothenburg, so we drove up from Copenhagen Friday afternoon, March 28th, and checked into a nice hotel near Lindholmen (Hotel 11 in Eriksberg, interesting old shipyard area, now all restored and modernized).

As it turned out, it was impossible to find a table at a restaurant in town that night. Some guy at one of the places we tried said that there was some sort of horse-jumping event in town, and apparently everybody had gone restaurant-hopping by then. We ended up bringing burgers back to the hotel room and turning on the tube; not quite what we had looked forward to.

Anyway, the AmiGBG show the next day was as well-organized and friendly as the one last year, and well worth the trip for me. It's nice to see that there's also an active Amiga crowd left in our neighbouring country of Sweden, and even if we didn't see quite the visitor numbers that one could have hoped for, everybody seemed to have a good time there. It also made it a bit easier to actually see everything when there were a little less people standing in front of you everywhere.

The modest attendance also meant that it was easy to get to talk to the exhibitors etc., and they had time to answer everybody's questions. And when you grew tired of walking around, there was always an available chair to rest on. Of course it is a pity for both the arrangers and the commercial participants when not enough people come and lay down their money, but to those of us that came to visit, it was mostly an advantage.

Enjoy! And once again, thanks to the arrangers AmiGBG and GGS-Data), and greetings to everybody else I met.

Niels Bache ( Niels Bache

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