Pictures from AmiGBG 2004 in Gothenburg

These are my pictures from the AmiGBG 2004 Show in Gothenburg, Sweden.

This show had been one of the most eagerly expected events of the spring, partly because the previous events in Gothenburg had been so well arranged and nice, and partly because everybody was expecting OS4 to be almost ready any day now, and new announcements about both hardware and software had been abundant. Also, attendance by most of the main actors on the Amiga scene had been promised.

A couple of weeks before the show, half joking, I asked Justin (owner of, who sold me my AmigaOne last fall) if he would like me to help him out on the show by demoing my own machine with the latest OS4 beta version and some varied applications. And he said yes! We had already planned to drive up there together for the show like we did for some of the events the year before, so it was just a matter of preparing "a bit" and packing some gear in the back of the car.

We left Copenhagen early in the afternoon on the day before the show, and arrived in Gothenburg barely early enough to be able to set up all of our stuff, more or less ready for the following day, before we all went downstairs to have dinner together.

But even with all the hurry, we succeeded in getting everything up and running the next day, and we had a very nice, but busy, day at the show. There were quite a lot of people, and the event was very well arranged and managed. The arrangers were more or less the same people as previously, with some changes here and there. Most notably the Landskrona (Scania, Southern Sweden) based user group Syntax Society had joined their forces to the project. In particular, they had also contributed the very effective project manager Magnus Wedin, who seemed to have everything in view and under control all the time. Good job!

It was really interesting for me to be on the active side of such an event for once, and great to have lots of people coming over and take an interest in what I had to show. But I must admit I was tired when the day ended! I'm still wondering how I managed to take all these pictures; maybe the clue is I didn't have time to think about whether each picture really needed taking ;-). I didn't even have time to get any lunch either, so it was nice, after packing everything back in the car, to be able to sit down at the banquet and relax in good company for some hours before we headed back on the dark motorway towards Copenhagen.

By the way, some people seem to think I'm part of Justin's company or employed by him or something. This is not true; Justin is, and I just happen to be a friend of his, as well as his first AmigaOne customer, who thought it would be fun to be a part of the event. Of course I also want things to go well for him and his venture, but I want that for all dealers that support my favourite computer. If I want it "a little more" for Justin, it's just because he happens to be my local dealer.

I must finally apologize for delaying the publicizing of these pictures so much; I have had some other things to tend to with a higher priority, and also some hosting problems. These should be mostly sorted out now, though, apart from the connection to this server currently being a little on the slow side. This is supposed to change, though, so in the meantime, please have a little patience. And at least the URL is not expected to change any more, since I got my own domain name.

Enjoy! And once again, thanks to the arrangers AmiGBG, ACG, and Syntax Society), and greetings to everybody else I met. A special thank you to Shoe (Stefan Nordlander) who has supplied an extraordinary amount of much appreciated corrections and additions to my captions.

Niels Bache ( Niels Bache

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