Pictures from Amiga2001 in Cologne

These are some slides I took at the Amiga2001 show in Cologne.

A bit of background info: Once again, I couldn't tempt any of my fellow Danish Amigans to join me on the trip to Cologne. Fortunately, my wife Jette wanted to come with me also this year, and since we felt the flight last year had been a bit uncomfortable and tiring and not really saved that much time, we decided to go by car once again. That's a drive of a bit over nine hours each way from and to Copenhagen, but the weather was nice, and we enjoyed a smooth and relaxed ride both ways.

We stayed at the Jolly Hotel right next to the show again this year. We arrived late Friday afternoon and left for home early Sunday afternoon, which allowed me to spend time at the show both days, while Jette was shopping and sight-seeing downtown.

The show was very crowded. It took place in an even smaller venue than last year, but it seemed like there were actually more people, so everybody was more or less pushing everybody else around the narrow aisles. Lots of prototypes; Pegasos, SharkPPC, USB card, etc., but also lots of stuff to buy. And probably most important: the opportunity to talk to the developers and dealers in person and find out some more about what they think about the state of things and which way they intend to go. There were also some informative talks about AmigaOS XL and about the plans for AmigaOS 4.0. And last but not least, the chance to again meet some of the people I usually only get to communicate with over mail or news. All things considered, I once again enjoyed the show, and it was well worth the trip.

Enjoy! And greetings to everybody I met there - and those I missed!

Niels Bache ( Niels Bache

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