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1: Ole and Allan cleaning up the notes from an interview
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2: Human Table Soccer - a popular - but noisy - pastime in the show hall
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3: Ole in the crowds at the Haage & Partner stand
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4: Sam Jordan of H&P demonstrates Warp3D to Allan and Ole
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5: Ole interviews Jochen Becher of H&P about StormRexx and AmigaWriter
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6: Urban Müller takes an order for Allan and Ole at the Schatztruhe stand
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7: Greg Perry has just signed another DOpus T-shirt, helped by Schatztruhe's Heinz Andreolla
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8: Greg Perry and Heinz Andreolla showing off signed T-shirt and DOpus Magellan II CD
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9: ATO-meet: Allan and Ole with Leon Woestenberg of the Dutch ATO department
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10: ATO-meet: Ji Yong Dijkhuis and Frank Mosch of the Dutch ATO department and a "customer" of ATO: Holger Beer, author of HBMonopoly
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11: Ole interviews AInc's Allan Havemose while Allan listens carefully
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12: Amiga International, Inc's stand (sorry, it's still too dark); Olaf Barthel in the foreground.
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13: Bill McEwen conducting an IRC session from UGN's machine at the AI stand
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14: Jonathan Potter and Greg Perry posing together with Amiga Format's Ben Vost
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15: Ole interviews Holger Kruse, author of Miami
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