Pictures from Computer 98 in Cologne

These are some slides I took on the Computer 98 show in Cologne.

A bit of background info: This is the first time I have been able to find the time to attend the Cologne show. I went there together with Ole Friis Østergaard, who is the administrator of the Danish department of ATO (of which I am a member myself) and one of the original initiators of ATO, and Allan Odgaard, the developer of fine Amiga software such as Daywatch, TextEditor.mcc and BetterString.mcc. The three of us had never met in person before this, but only communicated through e-mail.

We all drove down from Denmark together with my wife Jette, who took the opportunity to go shopping for a whole Saturday in Cologne. We arrived in Cologne on Friday evening, went to the show all day Saturday, and returned home Sunday after a brief look at the Cologne Cathedral.

Ole, who was also covering the show for the Danish print magazine "Amiga Advis", had prepared questions for a number of Amiga VIPs. Allan and I decided to follow him around while he did his interviews, which turned out to be a good idea. Partly because Ole could use our combined memories as "human dictaphones" when cleaning up his notes after each interview, and partly because this gave us the opportunity to meet and chat with these interesting people as well. It made the day pass very quickly, and we hardly had time enough to see everything. We also ended up having too little time with the other ATO members and other people whom we had arranged to meet at the show.

Enjoy! And greetings to everybody we met there - and those we missed!

Niels Bache ( Niels Bache

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1: Ole and Allan cleaning up the notes from an interviewSlide 1 2: Human Table Soccer - a popular - but noisy - pastime in the show hallSlide 2 3: Ole in the crowds at the Haage & Partner standSlide 3 4: Sam Jordan of H&P demonstrates Warp3D to Allan and OleSlide 4 5: Ole interviews Jochen Becher of H&P about StormRexx and AmigaWriterSlide 5 6: Urban Müller takes an order for Allan and Ole at the Schatztruhe standSlide 6 7: Greg Perry has just signed another DOpus T-shirt, helped by Schatztruhe's Heinz AndreollaSlide 7 8: Greg Perry and Heinz Andreolla showing off signed T-shirt and DOpus Magellan II CDSlide 8 9: ATO-meet: Allan and Ole with Leon Woestenberg of the Dutch ATO departmentSlide 9 10: ATO-meet: Ji Yong Dijkhuis and Frank Mosch of the Dutch ATO department and a "customer" of ATO: Holger Beer, author of HBMonopolySlide 10 11: Ole interviews AInc's Allan Havemose while Allan listens carefullySlide 11 12: Amiga International, Inc's stand (sorry, it's still too dark); Olaf Barthel in the foreground.Slide 12 13: Bill McEwen conducting an IRC session from UGN's machine at the AI standSlide 13 14: Jonathan Potter and Greg Perry posing together with Amiga Format's Ben VostSlide 14 15: Ole interviews Holger Kruse, author of MiamiSlide 15

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