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Welcome to Colmar, the city of the Statue of Liberty! Huh? Well, the explanation is that the "real" one was made by Colmarian sculptor Bartholdi, and at the centenary of his death in 2004, a replica was raised at the Northern approach to Colmar, and it has since then become Colmar's new landmark.
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Naturally, also the Multimedia Expo makes good use of the well-recognized brand.
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The entrance to the show. It's still early Saturday, around noon, so there's not much of a crowd.
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The inside of the main hall of the show.
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And here we are at Relec's and ACube's stand. Stephano "Lecta" Guidetti and Enrico Vidale play around with the Sam-powered touch-screen kiosk terminal system.
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The innards of the kiosk system. The Sam motherboard to the left, and a disk and a power supply to the right. This was more or less shoved together in haste just before the show, but in spite of the messy appearance (if you looked behind the scenes like I do here), it ran remarkably well for the whole show and was only rarely rebooted.
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Philippe "Elwood" Ferrucci (crouching) and Lecta making some final checks of the connections etc. The touch-screen's sensor grid was connected via USB with a small interface which is probably what Lecta is reaching out towards.
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Nicola Morocutti of ACube, aka the editor of the Italian Amiga magazine Bitplane, and his wife.
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Tony "ToP" Pascoal (KioskLinea and Pascoal Design), who supplied the touch-screen equipment, and Emmanuel "XRay" Rey of Relec.
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Lunchtime. Tony, Nicola and his wife.
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Lecta and Enrico.
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Simon "Rigo" Archer, who wrote the driver for the touch-screen within a few days and drove all the way from England with the equipment, and Elwood.
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The Relec/ACube stand. Enrico and Elwood can't stop playing around with that touch-screen.
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The blue/red corner. To the left, the Efika, to the right and currently connected to the screen, the Sam in Relec's own case nicknamed "The Red One".
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In its own space further to the right, the MiniMig is running an old A500 game, Turrican II.
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Nicola and Rigo exchanging experiences about making Amiga magazines. Rigo was part of the team who produced Amiga Active from 1999 to 2001.
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Stéphane "Guibrush" Pitteloud (Relec) and Sébastien "Jedi" Jeudy (Relec's press relation) doing an interview with French TV station France 3. Note the screen Jedi has pulled up in the background; I'm pretty sure it is my page with photos from the Danish OS4OnTour in 2003, right here on this very site.
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My new Sam motherboard; I just had to open the bag and have a look after getting back to the hotel that afternoon.
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Dinner Saturday night. Rigo, Nicola's wife, Nicola, Jedi, Marlaine (Jedi's wife).
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Enrico, Elwood, Costel "Cyborg" Mincea.
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Tony, Thierry "Tcherno" Rey from Relec, Nicola "Turrican" Raffinatore (from the Swiss Amiga club, Club AMF), Lecta.
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Turrican, Lecta, Enrico, Elwood, Cyborg, my wife Jette, Nicola, XRay, Christoph Pölzl (RMS Communications, author of ERP), Guillaume "Yomgui" Roguez (Blender for MorphOS), Fabien "Cali" Meroz (Club AMF).
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Nicola's wife, Nicola, Jedi, Marlaine, XRay, Christoph, Yomgui, and Cyborg foreground right.
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Sunday, back at the show. Tony at the kiosk with Philippe Bourdin (a.o., behind them Enrico and Lecta, further right Thomas "EntilZha" Frieden talking to (partly hidden) Nicola, and in the foreground Cyborg with Hans-Jörg "Rogue" Frieden and Stéphane "SG2" Guillard.
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SG2 and XRay.
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Elwood, Jean-François "Voxel" Bachelet, Tony, the back of Jedi's head.
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Lecta, Nicola, EntilZha, Rigo (almost hidden), Rogue, Cyborg, Philippe Bourdin, Jedi, Elwood assisting at the kiosk.
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Christoph Pölzl's/RMS Communications' ERP system, using MUIbase as foundation, takes care of most of the needs of a small business in terms of stock, acquisition, orders, customers, billing, ledger and probably much more I forgot about. Really nice to see such an impressive system realized under AmigaOS and/or related (in this case it ran on MorphOS, but it should be compatible with AmigaOS 3 and 4 as well). Only a couple of modules are still under development/integration, before it is complete. It ended up winning a well-deserved innovation trophy at the Expo.
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Crowds passing by the stand and getting interested in the kiosk, as well as taking a moment to enter the prize draw for an entertainment console.
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Jedi introducing the presentation of AmigaOS 4.1 and the Sam.
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Elwood kicking off the main part of the presentation, complete with slides nicely made in Hollywood. A pity the projector couldn't quite display the necessary resolution.
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Part of the audience at the presentation. It drew by far the biggest crowd of all the presentations during the show.
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The successful and well-attended presentation probably also caused even more crowds to flock around the Relec/ACube stand afterwards.
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A group shot of some of the people who are part of the success: Tony, Ben Hermans, EntilZha, Jedi (crouching), Cyborg, Rogue, Enrico, Lecta, XRay, Nicola, Elwood.
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Philippe Bourdin, Guibrush.
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Nicola and Philippe Bourdin, most likely discussing the (magazine and web site-based) Amiga news biz.
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The "blue" corner of the stand; Tcherno, Yomgui, Tony, Christoph, Guibrush.
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