Technical information

The slides were taken on Kodachrome 200 film with my new Pentax MZ-5n SLR camera with a 28-80mm/f3.5-5.6 Sigma AF lens and the camera's built-in flash. Note to other owners of this combo: Don't use the built-in flash with the widest zoom setting (28mm), or you'll get the same shadows at the bottom that show in some of my pictures. Maybe it's only if you have the sun-shade on the lens, though...

The slides were scanned on my Amiga in a CanoScan 2700F film/slide scanner using RBM's ScanQuix 5 package, which was released and demonstrated at the HEW99 show.

All the pictures are scanned to the same target size, which is 600×400 pixels (or vice versa for portrait orientation). For most of them this means a scan resolution of around 425×425dpi.

Many of the slides have been processed a bit in ScanQuix, mostly to make them a bit lighter and reduce a slight red-tint which they all seemed to have - maybe the film was a bit old.

Finally, the HTML has been auto-generated on the Amiga using my home-grown ARexx program, which now also handles thumbnails.

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