Pictures from SEAL meeting in Wickford March 10th, 2006

These are my pictures from the March 10th, 2006 SEAL meeting in Wickford, England.

Through the OS4 betatesters' mailing list, I had "met" fellow betatester Tony Wyatt from Sydney in Australia, and we had starting exchanging e-mails privately in between. When I heard that Tony and his wife Evelyn intended to go to UK on vacation and wanted to meet some local Amigans while there, my wife Jette and I decided to take a quick weekend trip to London to meet them in person.

We decided to use the SEAL meeting on Friday March 10th as our rendez-vous venue, which would additionally give us the opportunity to meet some of the nice people behind SEAL and the Total Amiga magazine, of which some are also OS4 beta testers.

We were warmly welcomed by the locals, who even arranged for us to meet for dinner the following night, together with some of the SEAL members.

SEAL was just starting a new era by going dual-format; they would now cover Macs as well as Amigas. This meant that there were quite a lot more people attending the meeting than on previous occasions, but their new venue in the Wickford Community Association Hall seemed quite up to the task. There was room for setting up a number of machines for more informal demonstrations, as well as holding a more formal talk with a presentation being projected from a portable Mac.

There was a nice and lively atmosphere at the meeting, and I'm sure Amigans and Macheads will find lots of common interests within the SEAL framework in the times ahead.

Thanks a lot to the SEAL guys and especially Sicky for all the arrangements. It was great meeting you all, and I wish you lots of luck with SEAL and Total Amiga in the future.

Niels Bache ( Niels Bache

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