Technical information

The slides were taken on Fuji Provia 400 film with my Pentax MZ-5n SLR camera with a 28-80mm/f3.5-5.6 Sigma lens and a Gemini 4700 automatic flash with a zoom head.

They were scanned in a CanoScan 2700F film/slide scanner using RBM's ScanQuix 5 driver for that scanner, on an A4000 desktop (in an Elbox Tower) with a CSPPC/060 and a CVPPC and 144 MB fast ram.

I scanned them at a fixed pixel size of 748×484, which normally leads to resolutions around 550-580 DPI, depending on cropping. Only minimal filtering has been done, finding dark/light limits and adding some positive gamma, mostly. No change of color balance.

Finally, the HTML has been auto-generated on the Amiga using a couple of home-grown ARexx programs, which also generate the thumbnails using the NetPBM suite.

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