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1: Getting the Boing Ball all shined up and ready for its grand comeback.
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2: The plain and simple setup for the event: Justin's AmigaOne table at the left, and Peter's and my own A4ks on the long table, taking turns on the data projector (on the chair to the far right). Jens' DV camera in the foreground.
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3: Testing Peter's OS4PPC demo system on the projector. Yes, both Workbench and Kickstart are V50.
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4: The bar at the other end of the room sold sodas and a few sandwiches. And it had free Mentos!
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5: Jens on the blower with some latecomers on their way from the station, while Peter double-checks some cables, and Justin looks on in the background.
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6: More tinkering while we wait.
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7: The audience, amazingly still awake after several hours of me talking and demoing. Or maybe they just woke up now as Peter started his OS4-PPC demo?
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8: More audience.
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9: Even more audience.
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