Pictures from OS4.0 on Tour 2003 in Copenhagen

These are my pictures from the OS4 on Tour 2003 event in Værløse near Copenhagen, Denmark.

After the OS4 on Tour event in Gothenburg, some of my travel mates and other Danish Amigans started a discussion on about the possibility of arranging a similar event here in Denmark. Before long someone had found a school with a gym hall that could be used, and arrangements were underway.

My colleague and fellow OS4 beta tester, Peter Jensen, asked me if I would take care of the OS 4 demo. My schedule at the time was rather full and my beta system consequently far from current, and furthermore my wife and I were about to leave on our summer vacation to France, so at first I was close to dismissing the proposal, but in the end we agreed that as soon as we were back from our vacation, we would get together with our machines and cooperate on setting up a demoable system and planning the demo. Peter's friend, Thomas Graff Thøger, developer of the OS4 USB support, also joined us to help out, but had to withdraw later in the week for personal reasons.

We ended up spending the evenings of almost a full week tinkering with our systems and getting things set up. Jens Dueholm Christensen, another Danish OS4 beta tester and translator, came over from Århus, Jutland, a few days before the event and helped out as well. We had decided to concentrate on getting my system set up with the 68k version of OS4 beta and demo most of the new features etc. on that, and then set up Peter's machine for demoing the PPC specific stuff. At the time, apart from the kernel itself, only a handful of modules had been ported to PPC and released for beta testers, but more were coming all the time, so setting up a PPC system with all the latest modules was a bit like shooting at a fast moving target. But we did get it to work, most of it, and even got some time to plan what to show and in which sequence. We didn't, however, get around to doing a "dress rehearsal", which meant that we didn't really know how long the demo would take.

The event itself was kept on a very basic level: No selling of merchandise etc., no speakers from the outside, and no other points on the agenda than the OS4 demo itself. This turned out to be a good thing, since we ended up speaking and demoing for almost all of the four hours. Still, people were very interested and came up whenever we held a break and asked questions and played around with the systems. And there were also lots of interest in and questions about Justin Veggerby's AmigaOne, which he had set up on a table next to ours, available for admiration, examination and general playing around with. Still running Linux, of course, but he was just as interested in getting AmigaOS 4 on it as everybody else!

A big thank you to the various people from FUP and etc. who made this event a success. And also for allowing me to bore the audience for hours on end; it was actually fun to be on that side of the tables for once. Of course, it did mean I didn't have many opportunities to take pictures, so there are not as many as I would have liked. But you can see more pictures from the event on the site. And supposedly Jens' video will also be put online at some point in time.

Niels Bache ( Niels Bache

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1: Getting the Boing Ball all shined up and ready for its grand comeback.Slide 1 2: The plain and simple setup for the event: Justin's AmigaOne table at the left, and Peter's and my own A4ks on the long table, taking turns on the data projector (on the chair to the far right). Jens' DV camera in the foreground.Slide 2 3: Testing Peter's OS4PPC demo system on the projector. Yes, both Workbench and Kickstart are V50.Slide 3 4: The bar at the other end of the room sold sodas and a few sandwiches. And it had free Mentos!Slide 4 5: Jens on the blower with some latecomers on their way from the station, while Peter double-checks some cables, and Justin looks on in the background.Slide 5 6: More tinkering while we wait.Slide 6 7: The audience, amazingly still awake after several hours of me talking and demoing. Or maybe they just woke up now as Peter started his OS4-PPC demo?Slide 7 8: More audience.Slide 8 9: Even more audience.Slide 9

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