Pictures from OS4.0 on Tour 2003 in Gothenburg

These are my pictures from the OS4 on Tour 2003 event in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Being a translator and betatester of OS4, and therefore having the privilege of following its progress on close hand, I couldn't miss this chance to meet other Amigans involved with OS4 and/or the AmigaOne, and to hear outsiders' reactions to the current stage of the project and its directions. Added to this, it would be yet another chance to get together with the nice and active Gothenburgian Amigans, which we had met on some of the previous arrangements in the city: the AmiGBG2002 show, the AOne2002 Fall Event, and most recently the AmiGBG2003 show.

And since not much is more boring than a long drive alone, I decided to ask some fellow Danish Amigans along for the ride. These were Justin Veggerby Kristensen, who, along with Ole-Egil Hvitmyren from Norway, has been a betatester for Eyetech of the new AmigaOne platform from its early days, Thomas Graff Thøger, who is developing the USB software for OS4, and Peter "Pede" Jensen, who is also a beta-tester (and happens to be my colleague).

The four of us had a really great day in the company of many interesting people, among which Ben Hermans who had flown in from Belgium for the event. It was nice to meet him and chat a bit. It was also great to see how various people are working with their often quite preliminary systems, AmigaOnes as well as classic machines, to get them as close a possible as soon as possible to our common goal of the next-generation Amiga platform, and how their efforts manage to convey to the general public that things are really shaping up quite well after all this time.

But apart from everything else, it was nice to be at an event where everything happened at a leisurely pace. Even though some things didn't quite work out as they were intended at first, the arrangers just took it easy, moved the schedule around a bit and made things happen anyway. There was plenty of time for everybody to see or try out the various systems in their own speed, and also for lots of questions to and answers from Ben Hermans, as well as the occasional exchange of opinions, but the relaxed atmosphere contributed to keeping it a flame-free, constructive and informative debate all the time.

A big thank you to the arrangers from the two local Amiga organizations AmiGBG and ACG Göteborg), and greetings to everybody else we met. Now enjoy the pictures!

Niels Bache ( Niels Bache

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