Pictures from AmiGBG 2003 in Gothenburg

These are my pictures from the AmiGBG 2003 Show in Gothenburg, Sweden.

My wife, Jette, and I had decided to take the opportunity to spend a weekend in Gothenburg, so we drove up from Copenhagen Friday afternoon, March 28th, and checked into a nice hotel near Lindholmen (Hotel 11 in Eriksberg, interesting old shipyard area, now all restored and modernized).

As it turned out, it was impossible to find a table at a restaurant in town that night. Some guy at one of the places we tried said that there was some sort of horse-jumping event in town, and apparently everybody had gone restaurant-hopping by then. We ended up bringing burgers back to the hotel room and turning on the tube; not quite what we had looked forward to.

Anyway, the AmiGBG show the next day was as well-organized and friendly as the one last year, and well worth the trip for me. It's nice to see that there's also an active Amiga crowd left in our neighbouring country of Sweden, and even if we didn't see quite the visitor numbers that one could have hoped for, everybody seemed to have a good time there. It also made it a bit easier to actually see everything when there were a little less people standing in front of you everywhere.

The modest attendance also meant that it was easy to get to talk to the exhibitors etc., and they had time to answer everybody's questions. And when you grew tired of walking around, there was always an available chair to rest on. Of course it is a pity for both the arrangers and the commercial participants when not enough people come and lay down their money, but to those of us that came to visit, it was mostly an advantage.

Enjoy! And once again, thanks to the arrangers AmiGBG and GGS-Data), and greetings to everybody else I met.

Niels Bache ( Niels Bache

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1: Outside the show room, just before 10 am. Not the kind of waiting line I had expected.Slide 1 2: In the entrance area, a neat timeline entitled The Amiga's Place in History was displayed.Slide 2 3: In the AOne corner, Justin and Alan Redhouse were already heavily engaged in conversation.Slide 3 4: The conference area sound system is checked one last time.Slide 4 5: Gunne Steen (GGS-Data) in his booth. The closest, empty table is to be occupied by Jens Schönfeld a bit later.Slide 5 6: Justin's AmigaOne - yeah, still running Linux. But I wonder how many hardware and firmware upgrades that machine has seen.Slide 6 7: Oh boy, sorry about that. Guess the camera's autofocus fell in love with the Boing Ball mouse mats while I was drooling over Gunne's AOne case (right), totally outshadowing that quaint little Pegasos case (left). If we had to choose our next machine based on the case, there would be no doubt for me (there still isn't, actually).Slide 7 8: One of the most modified A1200s I've ever seen still in its original case. Cramped style, he called it. You bet.Slide 8 9: Genesi's stand. Not like in Aachen, but still an eye-catching demonstration setup. Pity it didn't work so well, as e.g. the infrared mice had trouble communicating with their receivers, and the keyboards were more pretty than practical. Oh well. Have a T-shirt, man.Slide 9 10: These guys had almost one of each of every Amiga model ever made. And many of them were running, and doing useful things too. Well, a matter of taste, I suppose. But just look at that game controller board.Slide 10 11: Once again, there were also a couple of Atari geeks.Slide 11 12: Some of the Genesi folks running their presentation. I have to admit I didn't follow much of it, though.Slide 12 13: But now we're getting ready for Alan Redhouse's speech, and almost everybody in the house is already seated.Slide 13 14: Jens Schönfeld arrived in the meantime, bringing with him a stack of the long awaited new Delfina sound cards. Not sure that's what he's holding, though, it might be a CatWeasel.Slide 14 15: Some of the crowd waiting for Alan's speech. That's my chair with my newly bought Delfina card there in the foreground. Ole-Egil and Justin are on the other side of the aisle in the front row.Slide 15 16: As usual these days, nobody with any influence in the Amiga world can start a presentation without a bit of rumour control. What have we come to, guys?Slide 16 17: IBM as good guys in the Amiga's future. Who'd 've thunk it 15 years ago?Slide 17 18: Hey, a couple of thousand of those, and we'd soon find those ETs out there! Not to mention which question 42 was really the answer to.Slide 18 19: Cool - in more than one way. Let's hope we actually see those, or something like them.Slide 19 20: Alan answering questions after his speech.Slide 20 21: An Amiga, miscellaneous bits of hardware and the good old Abacus/Becker Amiga System Programmer's Handbook - yeah, we're ready to have some fun.Slide 21 22: Still don't like it? Hey, have a T-shirt anyway, man. (Disclaimer: I have no idea whether that guy liked Pegasos/MorphOS or not).Slide 22 23: Gunne Steen demonstrating his Pegasos machine, running first Linux, then MorphOS. A couple of things didn't quite go as planned, though, which was a pity.Slide 23 24: Hey, wow, man, like ... psychedelic!Slide 24 25: I liked that little clay Boing ball. I guess I should have bought one. But where would I put it? Hanging from the rear-view mirror, maybe?Slide 25 26: Grand-daddy of them all, good old A1000. With an original Swedish brochure, no less.Slide 26 27: The black sheep of the family, the CDTV.Slide 27 28: The AmigaOne corner from behind. Closest to the camera is the one belonging to Kjell from AmiGBG, one of the busy arrangers of the event. Justin is to the left, and to the right is Ole-Egil's machine with himself almost hidden behind it (I think).Slide 28 29: Adam Chodorowsky starting his AROS presentation.Slide 29 30: Now, that's cool. The cat is actually a window, they can be any shape you like. And you can click through the holes onto whatever is behind it. Err ... but where's the close gadget?Slide 30 31: A last view from the parking lot back at the show building after a long, nice day.Slide 31

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