Technical information

The slides were taken on Kodachrome 200 film with my Chinon CP-7m SLR camera with a 28mm/f3.5 SMC Pentax-M lens and a Gemini 4700 automatic flash with a zoom head.

They were scanned on my Amiga in a CanoScan 2700F film/slide scanner using RBM's new ScanQuix 4 driver for that scanner, which was released and demonstrated at the C98 show. Recommendable!

I scanned them at a resolution of 544×544dpi, although the scanner can actually go up to 2720dpi; this would have made then 25 times as detailed and too large for any practical purposes. Even these pictures may be larger than most people like; let me know if you think I should make smaller versions (it is quite a bit of work, though).

Many of the slides have been processed a bit in ScanQuix, mostly to make them a bit lighter. The slide with Allan Havemose, though, was way overexposed, so it had to be made quite a bit darker, but it still ended up at least tolerable. Normally, if you overexpose a slide on Kodachrome, you can just forget about getting anything usable out of it, so this is quite a feat.

Finally, the HTML has been auto-generated on the Amiga using a home-grown ARexx program.

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