Pictures from Codex Alpe Adria 2005

These are my pictures from Codex Alpe Adria (formerly called Amiga Alpe Adria) in Udine, Friuli, Italy, July 2nd, 2005.

For several years, I had been wanting to visit this show, which was rumoured to have a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere, and at the same time some interesting activities and themes.

So this year, we decided to arrange our summer vacation around it, and planned to spend the rest of the vacation driving around to other nice places in Northern Italy. Unfortunately, I couldn't get two weeks of vacation at that time, it turned out that a colleague had already booked his vacation for the same timeframe, and I had to fill in for him. But I managed to beg my way into getting three days off, Thursday through Monday.

Therefore, my wife and I ended up driving all the way from Denmark to Italy, going to the show and dinner, spending some time together with the locals Sunday, and driving all the way back again, all within those five days. I'll admit I was tired afterwards, but it was well worth the drive.

It was my first visit at an Italian show, and although I do understand just a "piccolo poco italiano", I hadn't really expected to be able to follow everything that was going on. But it turned out that most people were very willing to speak English when needed, and a lot of the topics were quite easy to understand even in Italian, since they were dealing with familiar stuff.

When I look at the pictures I took and the captions I've been able to write afterwards, it strikes me that I haven't caught as many names as usual. I guess I must have been too busy concentrating on the language, so I forgot to look at the nice badges. So I'd be very grateful for any supplementary information about names and other facts. Michael already helped me out with a lot of the names I do mention, thanks also for that!

Finally, I must say I am deeply impressed by the dedication and enthusiasm of the organizers and participants of this event. We had a very good time during the whole weekend and hope very much to be able to visit again some other year. Thanks to everybody involved, and of course especially to Michael Battilana, who did a fabulous job. And once you get bored looking at my pictures, pop on over to his collection of pictures taken by a number of visitors.

Niels Bache ( Niels Bache

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