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Bill McEwen speaks.
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Bill McEwen presents the plans about creating the future Amiga, AmigaOne.
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Bill entertains with some demos of some sort.
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More demos.
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And yet more.
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Bill autographing some posters for the fans.
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Bill taking questions from the room.
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Martin Steigerwald, Jochen Becher and Jürgen Haage demoing AmigaOS 3.5.
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Crowd at OS3.5 demo.
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Jochen Becher and Martin Steigerwald.
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Jürgen Haage and Jochen Becher.
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Petra Struck and her crew at the stand, and next to them Rolf Tingler of Airbrush Paradise Tingler, embellishing anything from mice to cell phones.
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Petro Tyschtschenko joins Petra.
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Ready for drawing the raffle winners.
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Mixing well.
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Don't peek now!
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Better do this right, they're all watching me.
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Petro congratulating a lucky winner.
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And another one.
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Jens Schönfeldt's stand.
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Jürgen Haage with family at H+P's stand.
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Martin Strobl, CoolBits.
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Previewing StormC and AmigaWriter at H+P's stand.
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The Horbach family at the stand of KDH Datentechnik.
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A view of a section of the hall.
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