Pictures from World of Amiga 2000 in Cologne

These are some slides I took at the World of Amiga 2000 show in Cologne.

A bit of background info: The two previous years, I went to the Cologne shows together with a couple of other Danish Amigans, Ole Friis Østergaard and Allan Odgaard; you can see some pictures from those two occasions here and here. This year, however, they could not join me because of exams and work etc., so instead of driving all the way by myself, I decided to go by plane. And then my wife decided to come along as well; she wanted to go shopping in Cologne while I was at the show.

We arrived in Cologne Friday afternoon and checked into the Jolly Hotel, a really nice hotel right next to the show premises in the new Media Park north of the city centre. I went to the show and the various seminars all day Saturday and most of the day Sunday, and we left for Copenhagen again Sunday afternoon.

The show was quite small compared to the previous Cologne shows, but not much smaller than the combined Amiga and Atari show in Neuss in June 2000, which I also attended. Most of the remaining German Amiga outfits were there, although some of them apparently had only been convinced at the last moment. I also again got to meet a few of my fellow translators and some betatesters and developers from the OS 3.9 project, which had just been finished for release at the show.

Fleecy Moss was there, filling in for Bill McEwen, who had some business meetings he couldn't miss. Fleecy got a bit unpopular by saying that they wanted to see a sale of 50.000 of OS 3.9 before they would start an OS 4.0 PPC project. But other than that, there seemed to be lots of interest in keeping the "momentum" going, even though Petro unfortunately was not at the show. Alan Redhouse from Eyetech told about the AmigaOne boards which seemed to be something a lot of users could see themselves upgrading to. And Elbox and Vesalia both showed their PCI busboards, which also proved very popular. There seemed to be quite a lot of people attending the show and spending money all over the place. All in all a nice show that I enjoyed visiting. Hopefully there will still be more of those to come.

Enjoy! And greetings to everybody I met there - and those I missed!

Niels Bache ( Niels Bache

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