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1: My travelmates, Ole and Allan, at H&P's stand.
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2: Jochen Becher draws a crowd demoing AmigaWriter.
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3: André Dörffler and Gudrun and Jürgen Haage servicing customers at H&P's stand.
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4: Urban Müller at Schatztruhe's stand - note the stack of OS 3.5 packs in the background.
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5: Petro getting input from customers buying OS 3.5 at Amiga's stand.
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6: RBM's Bernd Rudolph with some of their neat tower boxes.
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7: Martin Steigerwald of H&P is busy demoing OS 3.5 to interested users (I had to shout at him to get him to look away from the screen ;-).
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8: Check out this beauty! Built and decorated by Heinz Andreolla for his own use, took him several months. The little boing ball actually rotates!
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9: Could this be the future of AmigaOS? An IBM POP (PowerPC Open Platform) board in a fairly ordinary box, part of Amiga's exhibition.
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10: Following the latest round of layoffs at Amiga International (Nicole and Alex), the "gadget" counter was manned by Petro's daughter and son.
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11: Ben Vost of Amiga Format - trying to sell his wares? (Who is the other guy?)
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12: The hardware tinkerer's ideal tower mount - who needs a cabinet anyway? They're just in the way! Jens Schönfeld of Individual Computers with some of his products.
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13: Petro and Tanya Tyschtschenko.
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14: Flemming Steffensen, an old mate of ours from ATO-DK that we suddenly ran into, talking with Allan and Ole.
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15: Michael Christoph, André Dörffler, Ole Friis, Ben Vost.
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16: Ole Friis, Ben Vost, Thierry Sillis, Allan Odgaard.
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17: H&P's Michael Rock (left) no doubt discussing 68K emulation (with who?).
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18: Among others you can see Allan Odgaard, Dr. Greg Perry, Michael Christoph (in the background), Martin Steigerwald, Mario "padrino" Cattaneo, Ole Friis, Ben Vost.
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19: Allan Odgaard, André Dörffler, Michael Christoph and Ole Friis watching as Mario Cattaneo tries to switch into his coolest look before I take his picture. Way ahead of you there, padrino!
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20: Mario Cattaneo showing off, André Dörffler and Michael Christoph watching in disbelief ;-)
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21: Ole Friis, Martin Steigerwald, Eike M. Lang (I think - in the background?), Jochen Becher, Allan Odgaard, Michael Christoph.
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22: A small part of the people involved in developing, testing, and translating OS 3.5 lining up for a mugshot: Michael Christoph, Ole Friis, Ben Vost, Allan Odgaard, Jochen Becher, André Dörffler, Thierry Sillis, Dr. Greg Perry, Mario Cattaneo, and Martin Steigerwald.
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23: André Dörffler, Jochen Becher, Jürgen Haage, Mario Cattaneo.
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24: No, they were not from IWin Corp. They claimed (everything dealing with IWin has to be expressed with caution ;-) that they had phoned IWin and posed various questions and asked for the T-shirts, which they then received in the mail. Needless to say, they drew quite some attention at the show. Sorry, I didn't think about getting their names; anybody know? Mail me...
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25: Petra Struck wielding her digital camera, covering the show for her site (who's the guy next to her in the white T-shirt?).
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