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Nigel "hyph-n" Derbyshire demonstrating a nice little video camera mounted on the portable Mac.
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Nigel's AmigaOne bares it all.
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Robert "Rhino" Williams, secretary of SEAL and editor of Total Amiga, opens the meeting formally and introduces Nigel's talk and demo.
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Nigel's session was about the new office products from Apple, Pages 2 (DTP etc.) and Keynote 3 (presentations).
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Some of the audience: Tony's wife Evelyn, my wife Jette, SEAL's chairman Mick "Sicky" Sutton, Robert, and Tony Wyatt.
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Tony studying the innards of SEAL member Sam "Bifford" Byford's Pegasos.
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Macheads and Amigans getting a lively debate over a Mac. David Kennedy, new Mac-using member Mike behind David, Adrian, and Mick in the foreground.
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Luckily, Evelyn and Jette seemed to pass the time fine chatting, while their husbands were letting their inner nerds loose.
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Nigel explaining some details about SEAL to some of the new members and prospects.
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Mike "Vision" Hunt in the foreground waiting while Robert and Mick prepare the raffle tickets.
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Sam ended up being the lucky winner of the copy of Amiga Forever that I had been given by Cloanto for donating to such an event.
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In the Festival Park Basildon, gathering for the Saturday night dinner: Nigel, Robert, and Mike Hunt.
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David, Nigel's wife Nicky, Nigel.
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Jette, Mick's wife Sharon, Mick, David.
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Nicky, Evelyn, Tony.
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At the dinner table. Evelyn, Tony, Robert.
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Sharon, Mick, Mike, Jette.
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Nigel, David, Elliott Bird.
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Jette, Nicky, Nigel.
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