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1: Media Park Building 7 - not much to show the way.
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2: A view past Building 7 to Building 6 with the oval conference room.
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3: Oh, so that's where they hide the entrance!
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4: Quite a crowd was already queued up inside.
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5: Audience waiting for OS 3.9 presentation.
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6: OS 3.9 in all its glory - clad in last year's winter clothes.
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7: Crowd listening to Fleecy Moss.
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8: Standing room was all that was left.
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9: Fleecy talking about OS 3.9 and how likely (or not) OS 4.0 is.
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10: Fleecy listening to the complaints from the audience.
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11: Fleecy suddenly had a lot of listening to do.
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12: But he also had some answers ready.
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13: Who said no new Amigas could be bought?
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14: DreiEinHalb Computer had the A1200s - from DEM 199.
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15: Elbox's stand was quite professional - could have fitted in at any trade show.
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16: Vesalia's stand drew lots of people.
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17: And so did Hyperion's, with their Heretic II demoed on a Voodoo graphics card via PCI.
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18: APC&TCP had a more quiet show - not a lot of stuff to see there.
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19: Various smaller stands along the foyer wall.
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20: Individual Computers' Jens Schönfeld - as usual busy answering questions about his hardware.
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21: Amiga Active Magazine had a corner of their own in Haage & Partner's stand.
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22: On the shared stand of and Amiga-Club, people were busy getting reports out from the show..
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23: The famous luggable Amiga.
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24: Media Park - that highrise building was currently up to storey 43.
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25: Media Park - Jolly Hotel to the left of the highrise building.
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26: Buildings 7 and 6 seen from across the lake and square.
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27: Jürgen Haage and Martin Steigerwald presenting OS 3.9 in more detail.
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28: A full room once more - this time to hear about AmigaOne.
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29: The partners involved in the AmigaOne project told about their respective areas.
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30: Neil Bothwick from Amiga Active (far left) leaves his cassette recorder to catch the words of Thomas Frieden (green sweatshirt), Alan Redhouse (behind Martin), and Martin Schüler (next to A4kT).
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31: From the AmigaOne presentation.
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32: Alan Redhouse of Eyetech elaborates on his slides.
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33: From the AmigaOne presentation.
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34: From the AmigaOne presentation.
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35: From the AmigaOne presentation.
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36: From the AmigaOne presentation.
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37: From the AmigaOne presentation.
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38: From the AmigaOne presentation.
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39: OS 3.9 betatesters' meeting. From left to right, fromt row: Sam Jordan, Andrea Vallinotto, Mario Cattaneo, Wolfgang Hosemann, ?, ?. Back row: ?, ?.
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40: OS 3.9 betatesters' meeting. From left to right, fromt row: Markus Pöllmann, Sam Jordan, Andrea Vallinotto, Mario Cattaneo. Back row: ?, ?.
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41: OS 3.9 betatesters' meeting. From left to right, fromt row: Wolfgang Hosemann, ?, ?.
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42: OS 3.9 betatesters' meeting. From left to right: Jürgen Haage, Martin Steigerwald, Jochen Becher.
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43: KDH Datentechnik - the whole family in action as usual.
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44: DreiEinHalb Computer still selling cheap A1200s on Sunday.
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45: The stand of the German AmigaOS magazine's publisher Falke Verlag with Thomas Raukamp among others.
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46: Fleecy Moss visiting the Elbox stand.
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47: Stefan Ossowski taking orders in his Schatztruhe stand.
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48: All hands on deck at Haage & Partner. From left to right: Bernadette (?), André Dörffler, Gudrun Haage, Jochen Becher.
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49: The luggable Amiga in action in the user group area.
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50: Left: The Alien Design people showing the pre-production version of the Repulse sound card. Right: The Amiga Active stand, Dave Stroud (?) presiding.
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51: Verkosoft's stand was almost like a garage sale.
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52: Markus Pöllmann and Jochen Becher introducing Storm C 4.
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53: A hardy band of stalwart developers that still stick with the Amiga, ready to be awed by Storm C 4.
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